Why, you ask? We take the valuation of your car seriously.

To provide you with an up-to-date market ready estimate, we use a highly trained team of specialist researchers. Working with industry experts, we regularly analyse data from our extensive preowned car listings and prices shared by major dealerships, as well as information from leading car auctions. We use all this data to calculate the value of your vehicle. We compare the current market price of your make and model and account for depreciation and mileage, to create a realistic estimate of your car's worth.

Using our expert valuation tool, find out what you could realistically get for your car in advance and sell with confidence.

Car Cost Depreciation Calculator

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The Edmunds used car value calculator bases its pricing on information from a wide variety of sources, including dealer transactions, depreciation costs for unique automobiles and consumer information. The appraised value is based on a number of factors, including year, make, model, trim, mileage, depreciation and features.

All of these play a significant role in determining the value of your used vehicle. The free valuation tool also has five used-vehicle condition levels: outstanding, clean, average, rough and damaged. Most people who use the tool will likely be dealing with just three: clean, average and rough. Once you've entered your information, you will be presented with three or four automobile values: trade-in, private party, dealer retail and certified used.

This is always the lowest figure. If you want to improve on that number, there are some alternatives to trading in that you should consider. The private-party amount is what you can expect to get for the auto if you sell it on your own. This is always a higher amount than the trade-in value, but it takes more work because you will be dealing with random offers from buyers.

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This is an average of what you might expect to pay if you bought the pre-owned car at a dealership. If the used vehicle is new enough, you will also see a "certified used" number, which reflects the higher price you'd see when shopping for a certified pre-owned vehicle.

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In addition to the Edmunds tool, you will see other pricing guides on the web. Here's an overview. As a company, it has been around since It is one of many tools used by car dealers to determine car values for its inventory. It also provides used-car sales appraisals and new-car buying information to consumers.

In general, you'll find that the Kelley Blue Book values are similar to Edmunds. We don't have access to how KBB calculates its values, but at a high level, Kelley also is paying attention to vehicle age, trim, trends in the market, features and mileage. The "Blue Book Value", as it is sometimes called, will vary based on the shape your automobile is in. There are four levels: fair, good, very good and excellent. Kelley Blue Book says that of the cars it values, 3 percent are excellent, 18 percent are fair, 23 percent are very good and 54 percent are good.

If you want to compare it to Edmunds values, Kelley Blue Book's "very good" would be our "outstanding", "good" would be our "clean", and "fair" is our "rough". KBB does not have an equivalent for the "damaged" description. It provides used-vehicle valuation products and services to the auto, finance, fleet, government and insurance industries.

Free car valuation

This pricing guide is an industry tool used by many dealerships and is not available to the average person. Instead, the company created a consumer-facing website called NADAguides. NADAguides provides pricing information to consumers for new and used cars, classic cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs and manufactured homes. If the numbers don't match up with Edmunds, this is likely why.

NADA has three vehicle states — rough, average, clean — that seem to mirror those on Edmunds. Earlier, we gave you a quick overview of the tool. Here's some more detail, which will help you see why adding specific vehicle information is worth the time you put into it. After you've put in the vehicle year, make and model, you'll select the style, also called the trim level.

The style can refer to the type of engine, standard features or whether it has four doors. Here's a refresher on trim levels. Major features, such as the car's transmission, engine type and whether it has all-wheel drive, can have a big impact on the value of the car. The same goes for options such as leather seats, navigation, a sunroof or automatic climate control. If you can remember your car's options off the top of your head, great. This way the chances of the dealer tricking you rise manifold.

CARS24 combines the foolproof method of combining the convenience of a reliable online car value calculator with the trust that comes from physically visiting showrooms for obtaining car valuation in India. The unique concept offered by us provides second hand car valuation at the tap of a button and you can book an appointment with us online to sell your used car at our nearest outlet within a matter of a couple of hours.

CARFAX Vehicle History Report for American Cars

The deprecation in the value of a car depends on many factors. For instance, the used car valuation of a 3-year old Maruti WagonR will differ from a Datsun GO of same age and with the same mileage. Moreover, even the present offers and demand for a model directly affects the used car prices. Used car valuation depends on the present state of the car with respect to usage, appearance, engine, etc. Many car owners wonder how to judge the correct worth of their vehicle.

Cars24, however, offers a free tool through which you can quickly judge the correct value of any vehicle simply by entering some basic info about your vehicle. New Branches.