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At Legacy Tree Genealogists, helping people identify their birth father and connect with a family they never knew before is something that our team of genetic genealogists is very passionate about.

If you need help identifying your biological father, our team would love to help, and can assist you with the process from start to finish. Hand-picked, tested and trained, our genealogist team knows how to find your story. We are based near the world's largest family history library and also work with researchers around the globe. Legacy Tree did a wonderful job exploring my family tree. It was a great experience and I highly recommend them. Worth every penny! I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is wanting to research their family's history.

I would unreservedly recommend Legacy Tree to anybody seeking professional genealogical research services.

How I Found My Biological Father Through Ancestry DNA Testing

Legacy Tree found information and documents that I didn't know about and that go way back to the 18th century. They were able to research in areas that I cannot get into and their knowledge about where to look is wonderful.

I was impressed by the work that went into the research process. It contained a lot of information. This website uses cookies to give you the best experience.


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Would you like to receive weekly genealogy tips? It may be that you have to take multiple ancestry tests in order to find family more closely related to you, or upload your DNA data file elsewhere. When it comes to picking an ancestry DNA test to find relatives, what you really want to think about are numbers. Each ancestry testing company has their own database of users, and these databases do not overlap. For instance, if someone has taken a DNA test with AncestryDNA, then they will not show up in the 23andMe family finder feature unless they have also taken this test.

Given the sizes of the databases, you are most likely to find a missing family member — or a clue to your missing family member — in the AncestryDNA or 23andMe databases, since these are the largest. Buying multiple ancestry DNA tests can get pricey. Also, bear in mind that more and more people are purchasing ancestry DNA tests all the time. If you connect with a first cousin or an aunt, then you may be led quite easily to your lost parent. Many people, however, will only have distant relatives in the database: second, third, fourth, fifth, and even sixth cousins.

Though these are only distant relations, it is still possible for you to track down a missing father using cousin matches, especially if they are willing to help you. This is easiest if your mother has also taken an ancestry test with the same company as you. If your mother or maternal relative is not able or willing to take an ancestry test, then you will need to work out how your cousin matches are related to you through your shared matches.

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If you are on Ancestry. If you can find a relative on any site who has a link to their family tree, this will help to show how you are related to them, and might provide clues about your other relations. Once you find a shared ancestor — a great-grandparent, for example — with one of your genetic matches, you can start to establish a family tree, working out who the descendants are of that ancestor and how they relate to you. You may have to contact your cousin matches to ask questions, and should try to do this as sensitively as possible, bearing in mind that they might not know how they are related to you or anyone in your immediate family.

Technically, an ancestry test is not recognized as legal proof of paternity. If you have matched directly with your father or his sister, or your half-sibling, etc. Still, one or both of you may not consider an ancestry test as definitive proof of paternity, and so you may want to take a paternity test together. When purchasing a paternity test, you are usually given two options: either a peace-of-mind test, or a legal test.

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Legal paternity tests can be used in legal proceedings such as changing the name on a birth certificate. Peace-of-mind tests do not require that the parties be observed taking the DNA samples, and so are only for private information and are not legally admissible. If you are still unable to find your unknown parent or family member, then you might want to think about reaching out to a genetic genealogist.

Genetic genealogists use a combination of genetics and more traditional family tree mapping in order to work out your family connections. Often, they are experts in using genetic matches, birth, death, marriage and adoption records, and social media to fill in gaps in family trees and establish connections between biological relatives. Bear in mind that finding missing family can be very difficult and time-consuming, and that the price tag may reflect this.

You may also discover more family members than you initially bargained for, such as aunts, uncles, grandparents, and half-siblings. You should be prepared for the possibility that your biological parent may not know of your existence, or may not want to be contacted. Still, even if you fail to establish a relationship with your birth parent, you may find an aunt, uncle or half-sibling who wants to make contact and get to know you. Again, unless you get lucky and find a close family member in the database, finding your birth family could be a long process.

But it will hopefully prove rewarding in the end. He 1st cousin has her DNA done as well and came back as cmM on ancestry then there 2nd cousin on his maternal side. Is anyone able to help Sharon. He had a dna test done through ancestry and several close cousins appeared. Can you help.

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Thank you. My son is 29 years old. What DNA test is best for us. She said she found a cousin, also a grandmother they share! How is this possible? I know for a fact, one hundred percent who her father is!

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I got my results from MyHeritage but it does not show any relatives. They are not. I am trying to find my biological father, who I am certain is deceased.

How to find your biological father

I have a close DNA match with another man who is also trying to find out who his father is. We have one person in common who has not been very forthcoming. How should I proceed? I have never met him but I want to!!! Somebody please help me. Hello everyone, my mother died when I was 17 years old and never told me who my real father was. I took Anscetry dna and fould several blood cousins….