Anthony Dale Sifford, et al. Sifford was not actually dependent on Mr. Sifford and was not entitled to death benefits upon his death; matter remanded to commission to award Ms. Wilson, Jr. Joshua G. Mary E. Spiker, Jr. Barson, Jr.

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Dickerson v. Patient Transport Systems, Inc. Stanco Masonry, Incorporated et al. Thomas M. Morris, II v. Foltz, Jr. Holloway v. Community Alternatives, Inc. Morrison v. Ervin v. Edward J.

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Taybron v. Scott L. Lois H. Brown, Jr. Collins v. Montalbano v. City of Lynchburg Waste Management and et al. Watts v. Canty v. Margaret Ann Creacey, Barbara J. Thompson and et al. CW, ex rel. Virginia State Water Control Board, etc. Adcock v.

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Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Social Services, et al. State Air Pollution Control Board and et al.


Settle, Jr. Robert W. Patrick W. Finnerty, Director, Virginia, etc. Diaz v. Wilderness Resort Association, et. Kotara v. Kathleen M.

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Herron, Jr. Roseborough v. Gordon, Jr. Sims v. Shiembob v. Betsy A.

Timothy J. Billy W. McNamara v. Virginia Employment Commission and Jeffrey W. Springs Global U. Christine York, Mitchell J. Parker, Jr. Clifton Cable Contracting, L.

Chibikom v. Writ of actual innocence granted, convictions vacated, and matter remanded to modify the order of conviction to reflect conviction of being an accessory after the fact. Ruby Tuesdays, Inc. John A. Sanford v. West v. Davey, Esquire, in contempt of this Court and punishes him for his contemptuous conduct Nettie L. Bailey v. Seth A.

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Finnerty, Director, etc. Susan E. Davies, M. Latisha Woodard, etc. Harper v. Washington did not expand the applicable scope of the right of confrontation to sentencing hearings Payton Jones, Jr.

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Gwaltney of Smithfield, LTD. Shanklin v. Arrington v. Lewis, Jr.

Man accuses Miami police officers of going too far during arrest

Lynne H. Gilliam v. Arthur L. Richard J. Pratt, Jr. Shane E. Carol A. Scialdone v. Taylor v. Jones v. Chretien v. Rinaldi v. Lori A. Williams, Jr. Quamaine A.