I stumbled here searching for the answer to this question: Can I have the same email address from a different provider? I own a domain, and have a website. Is that possible? What about emails that use a different suffix, like. Are these interchangeable? My email address is. But I recently found that I could use the same address with Earthlink. Why is that? If they are interchangeable on Earthlink, it is because Earthlink specifically registered both top level domains.

The supplier sent me an invoice via email with a wrong name of my company and so, I told him to update the invoice again. Within 24 hrs, the invoice was updated to me by email which I thought was sent by him because that email was sent in the same thread that we used to use with my supplier. The invoice looks exactly the same with the first except the bank account mentioned inside them are different. Only when I checked with my supplier after a week of my transfer, I realized I was cheated by a fraudster.

What’s the Difference Between an Email Domain, an Email Account, and an Email Address?

It has never been involved in the whole thread until the fake invoice was sent. Is it even possible?

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Where might be the attack possibly coming from? In other words, Who attracted him in the first place? Me or my supplier? I would make sure every step of the process I had control over was secure. Hey Leo! Few years ago i made instagram profile and i was almost certain i connected it to my facebook, unfortunately i have deleted my facebook so tought my Instagram will be deleted too. So yesterday i wanted to check if it really is deleted and since i dont remember password i went to forget my password. The mail that was listed below as my mail was very odd looking.

I was sure i made my instagram profile on gmail. What kind of domain is that and how is it possible? I am really confused. The asterisks are just placeholders for the real characters which are not shown for security purposes. Hi Leo, thanks for the article.

Step 1 – Create a custom email address using your own domain name

I found it really helpful especially the metaphor at the end. Does that mean each email provider has their own mail. If she changed email provider then using your analogy, then the hard-working mail team might be a team of contractors handling all her mail and then if she changes to a different provider then that would be equivalent to the old team being fired and new team of contractors put in their place.

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So same address, same building, same mail boy delivering it to your desk but a new mail room team. Would that be correct? Comments violating those rules will be removed. Comments that don't add value will be removed, including off-topic or content-free comments, or comments that look even a little bit like spam. All comments containing links and certain keywords will be moderated before publication. I want comments to be valuable for everyone, including those who come later and take the time to read.

Option 2: Form an Educated Guess and Test It

Ask Leo! Contact My Account 0. Search Ask Leo! Podcast audio. I'll review some common and important terms. I'll look at common scenarios and a few additional approaches. I'll show you how. As the family grow, kids and spouses will need a subscription to get a personal email with the family domain. All you need is to follow the simple steps and your HP Printer Setup is ready to function.

Officially they do offer to use their DNS servers without actually having the domain there either paied "premium DNS" or for free, to be used if you transfer a domain into GD, to allow a seamless transfer. As I described this in my posting below, I expected that without paying they would delete the records after 30 days or so read that somewhere. After almost one year mid-september last year.

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  4. Step 2: Receive emails from your current address in Outlook.com.
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  6. Using this, you will swap the risk: "Will MS eventually check if a domain still is registered at GD"? Thinking ahead here: If MS would at some point find out and delete your domain in O, who knows what happens. Probably you mailbox will stay intact but incoming mail might bounce. If GD would delete your records, email to you would bounce. So the package they offer right now just doesn't cut it yet. I had a domain at GoDaddy that expires today. Just minutes ago I received word from GD about the expiration and it's no visible in their control panel anymore.

    Looking at Office diamond menu , I immediately see an error message: domain would not work and I shopuld re-start the setup process. Obviosuly it's not surprising that it doesn't actually receive email: there's no more MX entry at all pointing to MS, so mail would never have reached the server anyway.

    What's surprising is rather how quickly the GD MX record vanished: they informed me of the expiration minutes ago and already their DNS doesn't hold the domain any more. After taking the red pill offered by Jan: Am back to my own dns, I copied all the entries godaddy created on their free dns dashboard and everything still works fine, not all settings are needed and actually there is an auto discovery entry that I believe is what their are using to find your domain when you start the setup of custom domain via the diamond shaped menu, so for the next person they might not even need to move it to goddady in the 1st place, however there is a TXT record that might be assigned just for your domain and this you would need so not sure if you can get that without moving to goaddy in the 1st place, below is all the settings I copied back to my namecheap provider.

    CNAME autodiscover autodiscover. And last not least: Option C: not for the faint-hearted :- Set up with temporary zone as described above. Then look at what MS actually configured for your domain view the records in GoDaddy. Re-set the domain's DNS server to your own. This way the relevant records will stay the same, so email will still continue to end up on MS Servers. I would vaguely hope that they don't, because: why should they? But there is no way to know if this works until the first person tries it :- Perhaps I'll try at some point Again: perhaps not the right choice for productive use.

    I actually did this, am in the process of putting back my dns ns servers back to my provider namecheap. I will report back, but right now is been over 50 days and am still receiving emails using my own domain with go daddy free dns. Why is this still being ignored? Speaking directly about my situation, I use G Suite for my family domain.

    I'm grandfathered so I'm getting 5 accounts for email, storage, groups, etc. I contemplated moving to Office Business Premium to get access to the email component, but the price point is far higher than I can afford and it includes services I'd end up turning off more so than I do for the Office tenant at work - I can't see the need for SharePoint, Flow, PowerBI, Powerapps, etc.

    Hopefully this makes sense. Hopefully others who've commented are referring to the same situation. Hopefully Microsoft is listening. What's the matter with you MS? Don't you get it?

    Getting started

    You already have the pieces in place now finish the job. We want a personal domain for the family on office home edition. Which part of this English language don't you understand? Please give us the possibility to move a domain to O Home. This is important to grant for the whole family access to helpful software with a suitable domain. A domain for thousands or more is not suitable.

    So, please do not force us, to go otherwhere. Please allow us to use other domain registrars for this. I do not want to host my domain with GoDaddy. Almost seens an email forwarder and SEND AS masquerade would be cheaper and easier to do the same thing essentially but using the free product from MS and costing much less. Many families don't own a family domain? That's just not true - there are many families out there using it's own domain.

    Please make it available to office HOME, than i think about moving from google apps to office Thank you! We've just sent you an email to. Click the link to create a password, then come back here and sign in.

    Using mulrereewisma.gq with your own domain or current email address - HowTo-Outlook

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