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Locate and Order court records in the Federal Records Centers.

To identify and locate court records held by the National Archives, consult the National Archives Catalog. For convenience of access, most of our holdings from the federal court system are stored at National Archives locations around the country. For instance, records of the New Hampshire federal courts are currently located at the National Archives at Boston in Waltham, Massachusetts.

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An exception to the national distribution of court records is when certain holdings that are infrequently used may be centrally stored at a National Archives facility in Kansas for efficiency. In those instances copies may be ordered, or may be consulted at the National Archives at Kansas City by special arrangement. For more information on the history and adoption of rule Rules of Court, rules Skip to main content Skip to topics menu Skip to topics menu.

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Cancel Print. Advanced Search. Access to Records. Documents or information held by the courts are as follows: Divorce records Court case records e.

Find Your Court For jury duty, traffic tickets, or local court information, find your trial court: Find. Monday-Friday excluding holidays.

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