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Data can be sorted not available for downloading nor can it be copied. Revised List of Hungarian Name Changes. Ruth Gruber's clearinghouse for news and information on Jewish monuments and heritage sites all over Europe. Replaced Shoreshim. Network with currently 30 institutions: libraries, archives and museums in Europe, Israel and the US. Website with 70 million records of Russian service records: those killed in action and given awards How to search pamphlet in English:. Online database - all in Russian; need to use Google translate.

Pay genealogy site with many resources.

JewishGen resources accessed no cost on Ancestry or on JewishGen. Pay site Over , Jewish Genealogy records including images of Jewish Tombstones, school yearbook pages and Citizen Declaration documents. Worldwide listing of over 4 million records describing archival materials from over 1, archival institutions.

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What's New paid weekly newsletter, book publisher of Jewish genealogy books. HIAS, founded in , is the oldest international migration and refugee resettlement agency in the U. List of international Jewish Genealogical Societies, Annual Jewish Genealogical Yearbook, updates on legislation effecting access to vital records and more.

Must subscribe-free to get emails on issues facing genealogists about increased or reduced public records access. Archives during the First World War, 10 million people, servicemen or civilians, were captured and sent to detention camps. Online genealogical site with discussion lists and research areas covering those countries of interest to studying Jewish genealogy Facebook page coordinated with JewishGenealogy Portal.

A virtual, multimedia website created by Steven Lasky dedicated to those searching their Eastern European roots, coming to America, US cemetery records and more.

Database that contains the name, occupation and address for many of the refugees. Web site for one-step help: find ships manifests, search US and NY census, Canadian and British census, vital records, dealing with foreign alphabets and much more! Central Archives of Historical Records of Warsaw. Repository of about 3, Jewish metrical books 93 towns and villages in the former Austrian Province of Galicia. Jewish vital records from Copenhagen: births , marriages , deaths , "confirmations" Operated by the Library of Parliament, Hungary.

The Portale Antenati Ancestors Portal ; for the purposes of genealogical research, of recreating the history of families and individuals. The web site is available in both Norwegian and in English although the documents obviously will always be written in Norwegian.

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Census record headings and titles are in English with clicking on the English tab. Pradziad Database Search Archives facilitates a search of most Polish archives. Website is in German. Internet monument to all who were persecuted by the Nazis occupation and did not survive the Shoah. Use Chrome browser for translation or other translation service. A list of all of the communities, districts and states found for residences in the Census, with current names of the equivalent places, including those now in the Republic of Poland, the Czech Republic and the Russian Federation.

List of ghettos WWII with creation and liquidation dates and deportation camps. PDF file, in German. Names and fates of Jews deported from Bohemian Lands; prisoners of the Terezin ghetto from other European countries. The purpose is recover the names and identities of these members of the Latvian Jewish Community who perished. Online Portraits of Deportees and Millions of Documents "Zoeken" means to search; "Collecties" means collections; Clicking on that takes you to: If you type in "Give Them a Face" which is the collection of deportee portraits you get to:. Includes a modern map of the district of the former Riga ghetto.

The disbarred and murdered Jewish lawyers, who comprised just over half of all Hungarian lawyers at the outbreak of World War II. Site only in Polish. Digital archive of women and children survivor's testimonies who were interned in the Ravensbruck. Promote the remembrance of the persecuted. Includes Mapping the Lives and interactive database with street maps of the persecuted in Europe, List of all ghetto fighters who died in combat. Website for cemetery is only available in Spanish; Buscar means search and that is where you fill in the name you are searching.


Free public access to detailed descriptions of primary resource collections maintained by more than contributing institutions including libraries, special collections, archives, historical societies, and museums throughout California and collections maintained by the 10 University of California UC campuses. Yiddish cultural and educational center in Los Angeles, presenting a millennium of European Jewish life to new generations. Charles O. Historical maps from the Austro-Hungarian Empire geo-referenced with present day maps for researchers to compare the past with the present.

Russian Empire, including the Kingdom of Poland. Gives the names of places in both Polish and Russian forms in use back in the 19th century. Index about the men who served in the Union and Confederate armies during the Civil War. Hard copies are available in City Hall and online versions of the newsletter are available on the website. The City also produces an award winning video newsletter available on the City's website.

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Applications to hold a special event on public property in the City of Westlake Village can be found on the link below. The Westlake Village Library offers free wifi access. User will need a free LA County Library card and a user pin number. Please call the Library for more information, Skip to Main Content. Sign In. Home FAQs. Show All Answers 1. How do I obtain a birth certificate?

LA County Clerk Website 2. How to I obtain a Death Certificate? For details on obtaining a Death Certificate contact the Los Angeles County Clerk website or or LA County Clerk Website 3. This is a tricky question as the greater Westlake Village area, when it was originally developed, spans these two counties.

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However, the answer is straightforward enough: if you reside in the incorporated area of the City of Westlake Village, you are located in Los Angeles County, and if you reside in the Westlake Village section of Thousand Oaks, your residence is in Ventura County. A complete list of streets located in the City of Westlake Village can be found by the link below. Listing of all City streets 4.

The City does not have a business license requirement, however, business owners must check with the City's Planning Department to determine if there are any other requirements.

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If I would like to get more involved in my City, what opportunities are available? The City always encourages and welcomes your involvement in civic activities which can take the form of participation on City committees, task forces, volunteer programs like the Disaster Response Team or the Volunteers in Policing Programs, special projects, and other programs. Please contact the City Manager's Office at How and where do I register to vote? Registration Form Website 7. Who handles Building and Safety services for the City?

This office also is responsible for the checking of plans for compliance with building codes, issuance of building permits, and performance of building inspections. This wonderful site helps you find the most prolific clues and statistics with a fewer clicks of the mouse. Simply explore the site and perform your search to get the much awaited result.

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