Actual taxes might differ from the figures displayed here due to various abatement and financial assistance programs or to non ad-valorem taxes levied as fixed charge assessments.

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Browse properties on the map. No tax records found. Since the year Prop 13 passed in , San Diego County real estate property tax revenue has ALWAYS gone up every year but two — in the crash the property tax revenue dropped a minuscule 0.

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Not one person in a thousand knows about this revenue stability. The press has not covered these amazing facts.

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  • Revenue is up because Prop 13 has the little-known added benefit of smoothing out real estate property tax revenue from year to year. But then in the next four years, dropping property values would have caused a dramatic plummet in property tax revenues — revenues that governments would now be hooked on — just like we see with our volatile sales taxes, and especially with our hugely erratic income tax revenues.

    They never provide the figures. They never compare the property tax revenue collected in the year before the big Prop 13 drop when everything was supposedly hunky dory with the property tax revenue being collected today. Never checked. They DO know the figures. I think not. You decide. In , businesses paid In , they paid Raising commercial property taxes faster would only accelerate the business migration out of the state — while further deterring any business from considering relocating IN to California. Still think our California property taxes are too low?

    Many states and localities on the eastern side of the Sierras have no such fees at all. Tags: Prop 13 , property tax , Richard Rider , Taxes.

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    Recommend NO on all tax increases and bonds. Tags: California , Drought , Richard Rider , waste , water. Some candidates we endorse by name — indicating we have enough confidence that they will be fairly good to VERY good on tax and spend issues. Some races we make no endorsement for one or more of these three reasons:.

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    Bear that in mind. Occasionally this might be a candidate who is not a top-flight fiscal bulldog, but the competitive race is critical to the passage or blocking of legislation. But there are enough competitive races to merit voting. Propositions are particularly important, as they are issue specific. Even taxpayer groups. But this measure is a labor union and nonprofit boondoggle that will spend a lot of money for doubtful value and zero taxpayer reimbursement.

    The cost per assisted vet will be absurdly high. Prop 42 — Public Records — YES In essence, it further mandates local governments deliver the goods when public record requests are received. The cost is minimal compared to the valued disclosure and ongoing THREAT of disclosure that such transparency provides. Definite NO votes on both.

    In my view, an equally or more plausible interpretation of this statutory language would be that if the alleged error or omission involves the exercise of the assessor's judgment as to value, e.

    Documents Suggest Favoritism on San Diego County Property Tax Appeals by Assessor’s Office

    But if the allegation were that the assessor's valuation was incorrect because the assessor unknowingly failed to consider material information affecting the value of the property, e. To the extent the majority opinion can be read to suggest that the statute unambiguously provides that a four-year statute of limitations would apply in any case in which the assessor exercised judgment in arriving at the base-year value, I disagree.

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    • Documents Suggest Favoritism on San Diego County Property Tax Appeals by Assessor’s Office.
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    • While we need not determine the precise meaning of section County of Alameda and the impact of Proposition According to the legislative history of section See 3d reading analysis of Sen. In Dreyer's, the county assessor physically inspected and appraised a cold storage warehouse that had recently been built on a property owned by Dreyer's predecessor, Associated Food Stores, Inc.

      The appraisal was done as of March 1, , the lien date for the assessment year. Dreyer's, supra, Cal. In June , Proposition 13, which redefined the base year values of both pre and post properties, was adopted. After the enactment of Proposition 13, increases in value were limited to a maximum of 2 percent per year.

      Further, a change in base year value would occur only upon a transfer of ownership. Metropolitan Culinary Services, Inc. Thus, an inflated or underassessed base year value, if left uncorrected, would result in either over or under-taxation of the property at issue until such time as the property changes hands. In the fall of , the county assessor conducted an audit of the books and records of Associated and discovered that the warehouse improvements had been substantially underassessed for , and for all subsequent years. In February of , the assessor revised the base year value of the warehouse and levied escape assessments for the tax years , , and Associated paid the increased taxes, under protest, and ultimately filed a lawsuit for a refund of the escape assessments.

      While that case was pending, Dreyer's, which had purchased the warehouse, was substituted as plaintiff. While escape assessments are still available to the taxing authority in case the property was underassessed or escaped taxation altogether, this power of the assessor must be exercised in harmony with Proposition It follows that the four-year limit prescribed by the statute must commence from the base year and may not depend on the happenstance when the assessor discovers the error in assessment.

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      The Dreyer's court agreed with this argument and affirmed the judgment, holding that the assessor could not correct a Proposition 13 base year value-and thus, that taxes could not be collected-for an underassessment that was not discovered until more than four years after the base year value was established. Since section 80 allows the taxpayer four years from the time of the original determination of the base year value to file a challenge, elementary fairness requires that the county shall have only the same period of time within which to correct the base year values by way of escape assessments.

      The statutory preamble at the very least implies that in enacting section If that was the intent of the Legislature, then the interpretation of section But in cases in which the assessor did exercise judgment as to the subject matter of the alleged error or omission, under subdivision b , a four-year statute of limitations would apply. Baker 20 Cal. Crawford 10 Cal.

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      Unfortunately, the legislative history of section While all interested entities agreed that section The property in question was omitted unknowingly. Thus, under the provisions of this bill, the assessor would have been able to correct the omission. Such correction must be made in the year the error or omission is discovered, regardless of when the valuation was originally made.

      The State Bd. The Sen. These excerpts from the legislative history of section Others apparently believed that under section I believe the critical inquiry under section My concern is that there may be cases in which the assessor's determination of the base year value of a property is predicated on erroneous information, such as the assessor's unknowingly including land that is not actually part of the parcel at issue in determining the base year value of a property or underestimating the size of the parcel, based on an incorrect survey, and the error is not discovered until more than four years after the initial assessment.

      Portions of the majority opinion would suggest that such an error could not be corrected because the assessor exercised judgment in determining the base year value of the property, even where that exercise of judgment was clearly based on incorrect or incomplete information. I do not agree with the majority that section However, because I agree with the majority's conclusion that section All statutory references are to the Revenue and Taxation Code unless otherwise specified. Section 51 also allows for a reassessment of property in subsequent years, including a reassessment that would be lower than the initial base year value plus the inflation factor.

      Escape assessments are deficiency assessments that are assessed retroactively to remedy omissions or errors in the original assessment of taxable property. Helene Curtis, Inc. Assessment Appeals Bd. Kuperman argues Sunrise Retirement supports a conclusion the Assessor had the authority to correct the error in his base year value at any time after discovery. Kuperman's reliance is misplaced since Sunrise Retirement involved an error that was encompassed within section In Plaza Hollister Ltd.

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      County of San Benito, supra, 72 Cal. The assessor rejected the argument and the county board of supervisors upheld the assessor's valuation. The corporation filed a tax refund action. The trial court entered a stipulated judgment, which reduced the base year value of the property.

      The assessor appealed. The court in Norgart v. Unless otherwise specified, all subsequent statutory references are to the Revenue and Taxation Code. The Dreyer's opinion does not discuss the nature of the improvements that were underassessed, nor does it explain how the underassessment occurred.